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My career has had about as many ups and downs as the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit. But that's what makes it exciting. Much like a race, I’m constantly battling the “you can’t do it” I’ve received simply for being female and interested in what is, genuinely, a heavily male dominated world - Motorsport. And that's ok! Without the challenge, what do any of us have to win if not the respect of our peers? 

As a semi-retired Grid Girl, Sales Manager and Founder across media, marketing and Motorsport, I needed to do something. And with that, Paddock People was born. 

Paddock People is now a platform for the changing attitudes towards women in Motorsport (because let’s face it, I’m not an athlete, but I’m a pretty good umbrella holder!) 

As women are constantly told by others that “grid girls” and “ambassadors” are an outdated practice, we, as in, those very people have fostered a solution to fight back against the hypocrisy of “wearing branded clothing while remaining attractive is demeaning”. If that’s the case, may all corporate women please return their 6 inch heels. See? It just doesn’t make sense. 

Women should feel empowered by their passions, mine being motorsport and having the grandest opportunity to surround myself with athletes and engineers who inspire me to try harder and do better. And I’m not alone. Women in motorsport are growing year on year. But why should we take some roles away because they’re “outdated” when we could simply expand the talent pool and co-exist digitally? 

We’re driving change through empowerment. The way it should be. We’re using all tools available to us to not only “change the face” but change the way that brands interact with consumers and who they chose to do that through. Equality, trust and engagement is core to Paddock People. We are here to lift people and brands up and make a difference. 

Maddi Scordia-Smith 

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